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2015-08-26 14:00:00

DMSB pronounces sentence for gamesmanship

DMSB pronounces sentence for gamesmanship

The sports court of the German Motor Racing Association, DMSB, analysed the incidents that occurred within the framework of the DTM race at Spielberg and convicted the persons involved for having displayed gamesmanship. With immediate effect and up to the end of the season, entering the pit lane and getting active access to the pit radio is strictly prohibited for Audi Motorsport Director Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. Timo Scheider mustn’t compete in the DTM race meeting at Moscow and in addition, the brand Audi will be deprived the 62 points scored in the second race of the Spielberg weekend. In addition, a 200,000 fine was imposed. 

The judges regarded is as evident that Dr Wolfgang Ullrich sent – in his function as Audi Motorsport Director – a radio message to Audi driver Timo Scheider, telling him to involve another driver in a collision. As such behaviour massively damages the sport’s public reputation, the sentence had to be appropriately severe.  As DMSB contact from the sports law’s point of view, Team Phoenix Racing also had to be involved in the penalisation, although the court regarded it as proven that the team had no chance of influencing the radio message of the Audi Motorsport Director.  

Consequently, the preliminary result of the race at Spielberg – where Timo Scheider had been disqualified by the stewards on site – has been confirmed. Meanwhile, the manufacturers’ championship will be re-established, with the other competitors moving up the board. The performance weights will be distributed according to the now official result. All the parties involved forewent their right to appeal against the sentence. The €200,000 fine will be used DMSB entrusted for a specific purpose – for youth promotion and safety projects.

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