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2015-06-01 18:00:00

Green dominates the statistics, Tomczyk the best fighter

  • Green dominates the statistics, Tomczyk the best fighter
  • Green dominates the statistics, Tomczyk the best fighter

The Lausitzring staged the second Audi festival within four weeks: in the races held in the Lausitz region, the Ingolstadt based manufacturer once again proved to be invincible. Nonetheless, there were some statistics areas where the competition succeeded in securing the top position.

The fastest race lap was set in both races by the winner, Jamie Green, who achieved his fastest race lap of the weekend on Sunday by crossing the line in 1:18.504 minutes. A fast lap but not fast enough to break the lap record established by Mike Rockenfeller in 2013: 1:18.268 minutes. The absolutely fastest lap time of the weekend also was clocked for Jamie Green. In the qualifying session for race two, he crossed the line in 1:17.386 minutes, representing an average speed of 161.7 kph. A lap that clearly demonstrated Green’s dominance at the Lausitzring as the second fastest, Mattias Ekström, was more than half a second slower than his fellow Audi driver, in this session. And in DTM, such a gap is regarded as massive.

The biggest number of laps as race leader was – no surprise – also completed by Jamie Green who really raced in a class of his own, this weekend. At the start of the Sunday race, Ekström succeeded in throwing the pole-sitter off his guard and took the lead for seven laps but then, Green re-gained the lead to control the field from this point in time as race leader – apart from the pit-stop period. On Saturday, however, he needed 25 laps to pass the previous race leader Miguel Molina. Altogether, he held the lead for 44 laps, with Molina (24) and Ekström (7) following in second and third positions respectively.  

The fighter of the weekend definitely was BMW driver Martin Tomczyk. Despite his somewhat poor qualifying performances, resulting in appropriately disappointing grid positions, he never lost his fighting spirit. From his 17th and 23rd positions on the grid he finished 12th and 11th respectively. And although he failed to score points, with these results, he definitely thrilled the fans by gaining a total of 16 positions.  

The two unlucky fellows of the race weekend also represented the BMW colours: Augusto Farfus who was forced into retirement in both races although he had hoped for securing a good result in the Sunday race, from his seventh grid position. And rookie Tom Blomqvist also encountered a weekend to forget. On Sunday, he also had to retire and on Saturday, he lost more positions than any other driver in the field. Despite having been eighth on the grid he finished 22nd – without having made it to the finish line.

On the first lap, however, Mercedes had to cope with the biggest dose of bad luck. Last year’s winner Pascal Wehrlein was hampered by a not perfectly adjusted clutch and consequently, he had his problems when it came to getting going. Due to this handicap, he dropped back from fifth to eighth, on the first lap of the Saturday race. And in the second race on Sunday, things got even worse: he dropped back from 13th to 22nd position right after the start. This means that he lost a total of 12 positions on lap one.

On Sunday, reigning champion Marco Wittmann had to cope with a similarly tough fate: an off-track moment cost him eight positions and so, he crossed the line at the end of lap one in 24th position – to finish 18th, in the end. A race to forget.

The reward of merit for the busiest driver on the Lausitzring weekend had to be awarded to three drivers, as Mattias Ekström, Mike Rockenfeller and Maxime Martin all completed a total of 161 laps. Having finished third and second in the races, Ekström reward himself for this effort in great style and for Martin, the best BMW driver in both races, the hard work also paid off.


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