Jamie Green: “We have to keep our feet on the ground.” | DTM
2015-06-23 09:45:00

Jamie Green: “We have to keep our feet on the ground.”

Jamie Green: “We have to keep our feet on the ground.”

On the past DTM weekend he added 50 points to his tally – the maximum available in a DTM race meeting. In the event held in late May, Jamie Green and his Audi RS5 DTM proved to be invincible and the Briton took the championship lead. And now, he may demonstrate his skills at his absolute favourite circuit. This weekend (26th to 28th June), the DTM fraternity will race at Nuremberg’s Norisring. In the past, Jamie Green celebrated four race wins at the Norisring but in our Q&A he reveals why he is travelling to Nuremberg with slightly dampened expectations, nevertheless. 

With two race weekends contested you already have got three race wins under your belt. So, you aren’t travelling to the Norisring to finish runner-up, are you?
Jamie Green:
 Not only me but the entire Audi camp experienced a fantastic weekend at the Lausitzring. We hardly could be happier. It goes without saying that we would love the season to continue like this. Nonetheless, there are several reasons to be careful. 

What kind of reasons?
First of all there are the special characteristics of Nuremberg’s street circuit. At the Norisring, the top speed is crucial. Therefore, the aerodynamics focus differs a lot from the one for circuits where we need a lot of downforce to be fast. Another factor: the performance weights we will have aboard. The weight of my cars will amount to 1137.5kg while the lightest cars on the grid will weigh 32.5kg less. We only will be successful if we keep our feet on the ground and stay fully focused. 

You have got a special relationship with the Norisring. You secured four race wins, there, and last year, you were the best Audi driver by finishing runner-up. Why are you that good in Nuremberg? 
I’m braking very late and apparently, the street circuit with its high speeds seems to suit this style of driving particularly well. In addition, you have to drive extremely precisely and constantly, between the walls and crash barriers – and you have to do so for 80 or 90 laps.  Furthermore. After all, the smallest mistake can mean the end of your race as you haven’t got run-off areas as at permanent racetracks, here.” 

You are in a really dominating shape, this year. Have you got an explanation for your great results? 
There aren’t any general changes. Basically, the Audi RS 5 DTM is the same car as last year. We used the winter for refining the set-up and this technical development suits me really well. Moreover, we understand our car even better. But we never may forget that our competitors are strong and the situation in the championship can change quickly. The nicest thing would be to be the championship leader after the final round, not after the fourth.

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