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2015-05-04 15:15:00

Mortara the quickest – Götz the busiest

  • The biggest number of kilometres on the weekend was covered by Maximilian Götz.
  • Mortara the quickest – Götz the busiest

With the 2015 DTM season kick-off at Hockenheim contested, Edoardo Mortara holds the lead in the championship standings. The Audi ace has got 30 points on his tally, thus being tied for points with his fellow Audi drivers Mattias Ekström and Jamie Green jointly holding second position, in these statistics. Both Ekström and Green scored 25 points, in the first race meeting. But who was the busiest driver of the weekend? Who completed the biggest number of laps as race leader? And who were the ones who had to cope with the biggest doses of bad luck, in the two first race laps? Read the first part of our selected DTM season kick-off postscripts to find out. 

The biggest number of laps in the lead was completed by Audi’s Mattias Ekström who dominated the Sunday race at Hockenheim. At the end of the 35-lap race, the Swede crossed the finish line with a comfortable lead over his second-placed fellow Audi driver Edoardo Mortara. Altogether, he held the lead for a massive 29 laps, on Sunday.

The Saturday, however, proved to be a far less successful day, for Ekström. Due to a tyre puncture he had to pit from sixth place – his best position in the Sunday race – and dropped back to 12th. In the Saturday race, it was the time of fellow Audi driver Jamie Green to shine. The Briton took the lead right at the start and defended it until the race was over. Green controlled the field in superior style throughout the 26 laps, thus completing the weekend’s second-biggest number of laps as race leader. Third position in this area was secured by last year’s winner Marco Wittmann and Edoardo Mortara. BMW driver Wittmann was the leader for the first three laps of the Sunday race and Mortara held the lead from 14th to 16th lap.

The fastest lap time of the weekend was set by Edoardo Mortara. At the wheel of his Audi RS 5 DTM, the Italian crossed the line of the 4.574-kilometre Hockenheimring in 1:32.672 minutes. This time – the fastest achieved in the DTM season kick-off – was set in the second practice session on Saturday morning. At 09.00hrs, the conditions at the Hockenheimring were virtually perfect, with the track being dry and the temperatures relatively low.   

That’s why the second and third-fastest lap times also were set in this session: Audi driver Jamie Green crossed the line in 1:32.774 minutes and Tom Blomqvist achieved a personal best lap time of 1:32.796 minutes, with his BMW M4 DTM.

The biggest number of kilometres on the weekend was covered by Maximilian Götz. Over the course of the seven sessions, he completed 138 laps – representing a total distance of 631 kilometres. But despite this effort, the 21-year old’s weekend wasn’t exactly what you would call successful. On Saturday, the German was 19th on the grid and on Sunday 20th – to finish 16th in both races.

Audi drivers Mike Rockenfeller and Miguel Molina both completed 133 laps (608 kilometres) and tied for second position, in this area. BMW’s Augusto Farfus completed 132 laps (604 kilometres), thus covering the third-biggest distance of the weekend.  

The biggest number of laps on lap one was gained in both races by Marco Wittmann. On Saturday, the BMW driver truly rocketed away to quickly leap from his 14th position on the grid. When crossing the line at the end of lap one, Wittmann already held seventh position – to finish ninth, in the end. On Sunday, Wittmann was third on the grid and took the lead right on lap one. So, the 25-year old gained a total of nine positions, in the two first race laps of the weekend.

The second position in these statistics was secured by Bruno Spengler, Augusto Farfus (both BMW) and Christian Vietoris (Mercedes-Benz). They all gained seven positions, in the two first laps. Spengler worked his way up by four positions on Saturday and by three on Sunday, Farfus gained six positions in the Saturday race, one in the Sunday race and Vietoris five on Saturday, two on Sunday.

The unlucky fellow on both first laps was Tom Blomqvist. On Saturday and Sunday, the Briton lost a total of 16 positions, on lap one. The first race of the Saturday race proved to be a particularly bitter experience, for the Briton. The BMW driver was eighth on the grid, mulled the start and lost more ground in the first-corner turmoil. When crossing the line at the end of lap one, Blomqvist had lost a massive 14 positions. And on lap six, he was forced into early retirement. On Sunday, his start wasn’t much better. The Britain once again didn’t get going, from his 22nd position on the grid, and before entering turn one he dropped back to the very end of the field. But he finished the second round of the Hockenheim weekend to come 16th

Timo Scheider lost a total of 12 laps, on the two first laps of the weekend. Just as Blomqvist, the Audi driver also had to cope with a particularly big dose of bad luck in the Saturday race. The 36-year old was 12th on the grid but was involved in the first-corner turmoil. Due to a collision, the season opener ended for Scheider as early as on lap one. On Sunday, however, the German – 11th on the grid – lost just one position and crossed the line at the end of lap one in 12th. António Félix da Costa was 15th on the Saturday grid, spun on lap one and returned to the home straight in 22nd position. On Sunday he was seventh on the grid and eight when crossing the line for line two. Over the course of the weekend, the BMW driver lost a total of eight positions, in the two first races, thus being the third-positioned driver, in this area.

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