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2015-10-02 07:30:00

Tambay’s fighting spirit and Müller’s hard work unrewarded

  • The busiest man of the weekend was Nico Müller.
  • The biggest number of positions in the races was gained by Adrien Tambay.
  • The theoretically fastest race lap of the Nürburgring weekend was set by Miguel Molina.

The 69.000 spectators at the Nürburgring were provided top-class entertainment. Numerous wheel-to-wheel battles, spectacular overtaking and a thrilling fight for the championship lead. And while Pascal Wehrlein failed to win the title early, one could witness – inter alia – several drivers celebrating on the podium that aren’t regulars at the front end of the field. On Sunday, Miguel Molina secured the first race win in his DTM career and Maxim Martin his second on Saturday. If you want to find out who subjected his car to the hardest punishment, who was the best when it came to working his way up and who set the theoretically fastest lap time, please read the second part of our selected postscripts of the 15th and 16th rounds of the season, contested at the Nürburgring.

The busiest man of the weekend was Nico Müller: No other car was given as much track time as the Swiss’ Audi and consequently, Müller completed a bigger number of laps than anybody else. In the two practice sessions, the two qualifying sessions and the two races, the 23-year old completed 152 laps, representing a total distance of 551.608 kilometres. But he wasn’t rewarded for his commitment. At the end of the day, the Audi driver had to settle for finishing 16th in both races. DTM rookie Maximilian Götz also used to be among the busiest drivers, in the past race meetings – but the yield always was extremely poor. In the Eifel, however, he clearly upped the ante. With 150 laps, representing a total distance of 544.350 kilometres, the Mercedes-AMG C63 driver once again was among the busiest drivers but this time, he rewarded himself for his effort by finishing fifth and sixth, thus scoring 18 points and leaving the Nürburgring with a total of 24 points on his tally. Third place in this ranking was secured by Mike Rockenfeller. The Audi ace covered 533,463 kilometres (147 laps) at the Nürburgring. On Saturday, he was pipped in the battle for points and finished 11th but on Sunday he came seventh.

The theoretically fastest race lap of the Nürburgring weekend was set by Miguel Molina: By securing the first position in these stats, the Spaniard once again demonstrated the outstanding competitiveness displayed by him on Sunday.  At first, the Audi driver set the fastest lap of the weekend in the Sunday qualifying session (1:21.732 minutes). Later, on the way to winning the Sunday race, he also set the fastest race lap of the (1:23.417 minutes) – and his theoretically fastest lap also would have been the fastest. Molina’s fastest split time in the first section amounted to 42.657 seconds – no other driver was faster here, in one of the two races. His 20.726 seconds for the second section was the fourth fastest split time on Sunday and in section three, he was second fastest with a split time of 19.979 seconds. However, he achieved these times on different laps and so, the addition of the times resulted in an only theoretically fastest lap time of 1:23.362 minutes. Maxime Martin and Augusto Farfus secured second and third positions in this ranking. Martin set his theoretically fastest lap time of 1:23.488 minutes on his way to winning the Saturday race and the addition of Farfus’ best split times – also achieved in the Saturday race – added up to 1:23.540 minutes.

The biggest number of positions in the races was gained by Adrien Tambay: The 2015 season is running anything but good for the Frenchman. To date, the Audi driver has got just three points on his tally. But in the Eifel he demonstrated that he hasn’t lost his fighting spirit, nevertheless. In the qualifying sessions, his performances were extremely poor and so, he was 23rd on the Saturday grid and on Sunday, he started from 22nd position into the race. In the two races, however, he gained a lot of ground – but had to settle for leaving the Nürburgring empty-handed, nevertheless. On Saturday he finished 14th and in the second race, on Sunday, he even worked his way up to 12th position. But with the 19 positions gained in the two races, the Frenchman at least secured the top position in this ranking. Meanwhile, Martin Tomczyk needed just one race for coming second in these statistics. Due to technical problems, his BMW couldn’t contest the Saturday race and on Sunday, the German started into the race from the last position on the grid – but battled his way up in great style to gain 15 positions and finish ninth. Fellow Audi driver António Félix da Costa gained a total of 14 positions, thus gaining third position in these statistics – but needed both races to do so. On Saturday he was 20th on the grid and made it to the points by finishing ninth and on Sunday, he was 18th on the grid and finished 15th.

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