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2015-09-09 14:30:00

Timo Scheider on the bitterest period in his career

Timo Scheider looks forward to getting back behind the wheel of his racing car at Oschersleben.

According to his own words, the past weeks have been the bitterest period in his 25 years as motor racer. Therefore, Timo Scheider particularly looks forward to getting back behind the wheel of his racing car at Oschersleben. After the “Push him off” affair at Spielberg and the resulting ban for the Moscow weekend, the Audi driver just can’t wait for going back out onto the track, from 11th to 13th September in the Magdeburger Börde. Following his rather frustrating season so far – he only scored in the two Lausitzring races – the 36-year old wants to prove that he still has got what it takes to deliver. “It will come as no surprise that I’m mot happy with my achievements so far,” he says. “Our team and our car can do better. And my team-mate, Mike Rockenfeller, demonstrated what is possible by winning the Sunday race at Moscow. I will give my very best in my comeback races.”   

Scheider was surprised by the huge public response to the incidents in Styria. “They were picked up by every media, those I know and those I didn’t know at all. I really hadn’t expected that the affair would create such a stir,” admitted Scheider. To add that the previous weeks were extremely tough. “In daily newspapers, magazines, the social media or when leaving the house – I had to cope with countless remarks that were low down.” According to Scheider who underlines that he already apologised to all those involved a short time after the incidents at Spielberg, these comments were the most frustrating factor in the past weeks. And the spectator role during the Moscow weekend also was extremely tough. “This was really bitter. I even thought about not following the DTM action, that weekend. But I just wasn’t able to do so as my love of the sport is just too strong.”  

A side effect of his mandatory break: for the first time in a long period of time, Scheider had the chance of watching the DTM action from another point of view.  “You have to admit that the series is far easier to understand, thanks to the new format. And I also like the two race format from a spectator’s point of view. Although I have to admit that the Saturday still has got improvement potential. As I see it, the race without pit stop doesn’t provide enough action and even more so as the overtaking manoeuvres also were limited. But the Sunday is great!” 

At Oschersleben, Scheider will be back on the grid and again can make his own contribution to the entertainment for the crowds.  In 2008, the Motorsport Arena was the venue of Scheider’s first DTM win and consequently, he has fond memories of the circuit. “Although I don’t exactly know why, I think that this circuit – and the paddock too – have got something special. I like Oschersleben a lot.” On his comeback weekend, he will be particularly busy: Apart from executing his duties as DTM driver, he also will have to attend to his own Formula 4 team. The young-talent series will make its first appearance in the DTM support programme, at Oschersleben. “It’s nice that the Formula 4 also has got the opportunity to race on this great platform,” concludes Scheider, “But it goes without saying that I will fully focus on DTM, this weekend.”  

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